about nempeartis

Dis-utopian, Cadman Gallery 2019

The artists practice features a wide range of art works within  this online portfolio that look at society. The Art above was produced through using free association to form a story open to your interpretations, the writing in the painting forms a narrative. "Trying hard to grasp at reality, look at the world have we no sanity. Aren't we just pests? Oh the great glory of humanity."   


The paintings and sculptures unite with bright colours and a humorous, satire approach towards issues that humans may eventually meet.

The artist would like you to see the themes of children and childhood throughout Nempeartis Gallery. This theme is very important as it is to take you back to your childhood, it is also to ignite the thoughts of your children.

What issues is society leaving them?

Will the world meet it’s eventual demise? 


How are we currently impacting the environment in modern society? 




“a destructive insect or other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc.”